The New Resume: If you want the job, your social media presence matters

8 thoughts on “The New Resume: If you want the job, your social media presence matters”

  1. Adrienne,

    Thanks for summing up the content of the webinar. (I followed your “Open Blog” post within the Social Media Academy site.) I am now following you on Twitter as well. I appreciate all the Social Media information you, Axel, and others are making available. At some point I would like to be able to find a way to invest in the SOMA Leadership Class — but until then, these bursts of valuable information will have to do.

    Thanks again and kindest regards,
    Trent Sherrell

  2. Great post. I would argue that there is still a place for resumes but truly the social media resume is taking hold. There are still a lot of companies and recruiters out there who don’t use social media to find talent but that trend is changing.

    1. Hi John,
      Yes, the resume as we know it will be around for awhile, as social media is still in its infancy. I would agree that not all recruiters or HR managers are using social media, although a recent survey by careerbuilder (2300 HR managers responded) showed that 45% of HR managers are using social profiles in decision making. This is quite a big deal, since even a year ago, this number was about 20%. Change can be difficult, but I would argue that adopting social media now and building a strong social profile will only help your career in the long run.

  3. Nice post. I have just gone through the exercise of making sure that I have a consistent message and picture across all my social media sites. As you set these sites up over time, it is easy to have your story morph and introduce a new picture on one site but not on others. I think that it pays to do a quarterly “check up” of all of your social site and make sure you are consistent about what you say about yourself. I have also started using a site called XeeSM to list all of my social sites (and my website/blog, email, phone number). It helps you present all of your sites in one place. I’m at The service is free to use.

    1. Hey Catherine,
      Thanks. I use xeesm, too – and think this is a great tool for recruiters and HR managers in that it would allow them to ask all candidates to enter their social media profile links into one place for review. A social profile adds dimension to the traditional resume and sends a strong message of confidence to any employer.

  4. Adrianne… this concept of no one [should] care about your resume has been around for a while now. I’m continuously surprised at how many [most in my experience] ignore this concept.

    It would be nice to find research and places where those that have been hired without a resume our highlighted. That is, hired mostly because of their web presence, social networks, work they have published online etc.)

    The resume thing from start to finish is such a drain on everyone… from job seekers to those looking to help fill positions to those wanting a position filled.

    1. Tom,
      thanks for the comment-I agree! The CONCEPT has been around, but even people desperate for a job are reticent to give up the ol’ resume. Part of that, and I’m guessing small statistical numbers showing people hired off of social presence alone, is due to HR depts being run by old school thinkers that are used to collecting resumes for open positions. Let’s face it, collecting resumes is easy–it doesn’t require much work on the part of HR managers and they have something to show for it when their managers come checking (…”see how many people want this job and how hard I’ve been working to find candidates?”). As I talk about in my social media and HR lecture, paper resumes are a passive process, whereas culling the social web for appropriate candidates even if they have no idea who you or your company are, is a very active process. IMO, HR is going to need to step it up a notch as these young kids start flooding the workforce–that is, if they want the best candidates and want to stay competitive. The kids all get it…
      This post is not new, but felt it bore retweeting given the number of people struggling with the action oriented part of joining the social web.

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