Survey Says: Does Social Media Info Reflect Identity?

3 thoughts on “Survey Says: Does Social Media Info Reflect Identity?”

  1. Adreinne, this is a great post. Authenticity is a huge issue in Social Media. It would be interesting to see how these reponses rank to a third party evaluation ot the respondant to test the integrity of the response itself.

  2. Great post! I recently came across a company called Crederity. It was founded by two Wharton grads and addresses this very issue. They serve as a 3rd-party online verification of “Trust Facts” (identity, employment history, education, certifications, criminal background check, …even Twitter identity!) The results are available via a digital identity card where the verified individual can control how much is shared based on who is requesting the information. While the uses are endless, specific to your post, it enables an individual to gain credibility online.

    The concept of using technology to revolutionize the background screening industry is of particular interest to me (I previously worked for a company that provides web-based reference checking of job candidates. Technology significantly improves the quantity and quality of information references provide.) With Crederity, I LOVE that recruiters and Corp HR can easily conduct background checks AND can use it as an employee benefit (given them a Crederity card to use in conjunction with other activity – volunteer work, blog, Twitter, social media, etc.)

    Using a service to find out what your references are saying about you is a common practice. Getting your TrustFacts verified is a) a much more comprehensive and therefore, a job candidate has no surprises and more importantly has the opportunity to identify and therefore rectify, issues that may otherwise have been causing him/her to be turned down from jobs in the past and b) provides job candidates with an opportunity to differentiate themselves by providing identity and credential verification as part of their resume.

    I had myself background checked and now use the card in a number of ways – share with potential clients and on my web site, added it to my resume and placed a link within my signature file. Also, I do a lot of volunteer work with children e.g. CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate for abused children). With my Crederity digital identity card, I can now provide up-to-date and comprehensive verification that I am who I say I am and my qualifications match my resume/application. This saves time and money for the organizations I volunteer with.

    I only have a few things shared on my public card but if you’re interested in the concept, check it out here:

    Thanks again for the post and all the great insight!

    Erika von Hoyer
    360 Reputation

    1. Erica,
      Thanks for your great comments and resources! Definitely checking them out and sharing with other HR peeps. Love your use of it for yourself – to proactively show others that you are “verified” and trustworthy. It exemplifies the kind of transparency that is a core value within the new social media economy. Good stuff.

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