When will social media become the new email?

5 thoughts on “When will social media become the new email?”

  1. Good post! I think some of the reason customers prefer to take up their issues via social media is so they have “backup”
    Other customers with similar issues that will retweet/comment or “like” it.
    Calling up a company all by yourself and getting limited aid from someone with no power to really help you feels demotivating and I think a lot of people just don’t bother with complaining as they think there is no point to it.
    In social media for every “like” it is a confirmation that the customer is not all alone in the world about it.
    I think today any company should focus on following up the customer post-sale. Discover and deal with any problem the customer has before it hits social media and if it does hit social media. Focus on turning a bad situation into a good thing.
    If customers come to your business fan page and see that every complaint is dealt with and everyone is happy. They will love you

    1. Thanks for your comment and I agree. What I love about social media is that it gives us yet another vehicle for communication…and rather than abandon all others, I think companies should utlize them all. I was joking with a friend of mine that people no longer use their phones to call but to text and email. But wouldn’t a disgruntled customer be so surprised if the VP of customer service actually gave them a call to talk one on one? I think of email in a similar way – not a form of communication to abandon, but to use wisely when it will be most effective. But, in the end, I agree that no matter how a customer complains, if a company deals with it, the news will get out and the company/brand will succeed.

  2. In Person > Mail > Phone > Email > Websites > Instant Messaging > Blogs > Tweets > Mobile Updates > Facebook > Even More “Social Media”…

    All are pretty simple communications – some more mysterious then others. But all are used in different ways, received in different ways, and almost certainly interpreted in different ways.

    I recall reading a pretty awesome article about how email is the most misinterpreted form of all these communications. The premise was that people read emails and then reflect how they feel at that moment (not related to the email) into what someone has said and sent to them.

    You might consider social media just open communication that is easily published and easy to consume. I think you can more accurately get the true essence of the message with social media over other communications.

    I think people that care and are working for a company they like will always interact with what is being said in social media. Not like email.

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    1. Helen,
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      Best of Luck

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