The Value of Plodding (Not all progress takes place in a New York Minute)

5 thoughts on “The Value of Plodding (Not all progress takes place in a New York Minute)”

  1. This is great advice Adrienne! I am definitely a plodder (who can sprint occasionally).

    Plodding is an art form. It is not to be confused with muddling. Plodding means you have small goals and you stick at it until you are through – regardless of distractions, detours, and other things that try to take you off task. Keep going back and plodding through.

    The Best is the enemy of the Good in plodding. You are never going to get that uninterrupted 8 hours of time you need to finish whatever you are working on.
    Learn how to Plod and make the most of every day and you can achieve great incremental results…


    1. Paul,
      Love your insights and, per usual, we agree. I also believe that great is the enemy of good –aka getting things done (see previous post with this title) and plodding is one way to keep moving toward the good –and perhaps the great–but it’s a disciplined approach. I find that lack of such discipline is often the reason for failure to succeed, or even launch. Plod on! And thanks for commenting : )

  2. I refer to my plodding as “chipping away at it” It is a mining metaphor for working a long time to get a small thing of great value. Thanks for the great post!

  3. Hi Honey, This goes right along with “crawling toward joy” for me. My lists are still. I get less done than ever before. But I get some things done. Yes I like Dorothy’s advice.

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