Social Media from a Functional Perspective

SO, you wanna be my friend on Facebook because we met virtually on Linkedin and we follow each other on Twitter? More than likely, I’ll “ignore” your request. No hesitation required.
“Gasp! That is SO RUDE! How can you IGNORE people!”
Glad you asked. Here’s the deal: I use social media tools functionally. This means that I use Facebook for true friends and some closer acquaintances, LinkedIn for business connections and Twitter for research/social broadcasting to the masses that may care. In essence, I put boundaries around my use of these spaces. Yes, I put them in a box! (and really, isn’t it time for a resurgence of thinking inside the box?)
There are benefits to this functional use and here are a few: Continue reading Social Media from a Functional Perspective

Great is the Enemy of Good (aka Getting It Done!)

My grandmother had a saying on her wall which I attribute to some of my foundational thinking on perfectionism: “Good, better, best. Never let it rest; until your good is better and your better, best.” Wow. I wonder if the guy who wrote that even bothered getting up in the morning. Like Sisyphus, that daily rock of perfectionism is bound to get heavy…and keep us from really getting things done. Continue reading Great is the Enemy of Good (aka Getting It Done!)