Social Media from a Functional Perspective

2 thoughts on “Social Media from a Functional Perspective”

  1. Adrienne, this is actually a very important message. How many points of contact do I need for the same people and the same content. I personally see very different purposes for various Social Networks and manage them differently depending on what I’m trying to accomplish. Besides, trying to manage all of those relationships is difficult enough without the added duplications when not necessary.

  2. Originally, I employed the same practice you described. I still believe distinguishing separate social media functions is productive and protective. Recently, I relaxed my Facebook boundaries to accept requests to “friend” strangers who are friends of friends after I’ve looked at their profile, reviewed their friend list, pictures and decided I may want to know them and their friends too. A few have been people I know in business. Some I know in politics. Both are topics I try not to talk about with “friends” on FB. Like with Twitter, I’m hoping to gain familiarity and contact with people from diverse backgrounds, but I think this may allow me to meet others who share common friendships more than just interests with me. It’s a bit risky, but aren’t all friendships? I’m interested to know if you think I’m asking for trouble or not.

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