A Novice’s Twitter Primer: Why & How To Get “Tweet Cred”

6 thoughts on “A Novice’s Twitter Primer: Why & How To Get “Tweet Cred””

  1. AC, great article. Two points I would suggest is if you are a business person, 1) when choosing your username, try to choose your actual name for branding purposes. This will make it easier for people to find you. 2) On the ‘tweet’ cred, remember this is a SOCIAL tool, a communication method, so don’t forget to be friendly and engage people. Using Twitter for MLM or get rich quick schemes is the fastest way to get you unfollowed all the way back to the ‘twitter ghetto’.

    Super post. I look forward to your next one!

    Tim Moore

  2. I agree, do not use twitter for a quick rich scheme that all you do is push your product, workout or service. Also try to post material that is useful to your followers that does not come from your own site or Blog. If you want to push the “best of” from your site or blog create a separate acct for it and give the readers the option to read it or not. I have had great luck with twitter driving traffic to the site but use two accounts to do this.

    @UnderTheBar – my personal day to day posts, articles I find that I feel may help followers, etc.

    @elitefts – used as a feed collection site for new products, posts, articles and other interesting items that are happening on the site.

    If it is a big sale or very cool item I will also post it in my UnderTheBar acct but this is pretty rare.

    Dave Tate
    CEO Elitefts.com

  3. I read this, because I’m new to twitter, but so far I’m a little bit disturbed with the emphasis on follows and branding and marketing mindshare. I read somewhere else 90% Twitter content is produced by only 10% of the members. And I strongly disagree about kids tweeting… I don’t know anyone under 25 tweeting. I appreciate twitter for what it is, but not so sure it will evolve the way people are expecting it to. Twitter will be more about people and ideas than money.


    Nothing for sale, ideas for free.

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