Where’s the Beef? Finding & Providing Value in a Digital Age

4 thoughts on “Where’s the Beef? Finding & Providing Value in a Digital Age”

  1. As a Brand Consultant with Muzak Mood Media, a global leader of multi-sensory branding solutions through Sight Sound and Scent, we recently launched a new social media driven solution, KLIKT, to leverage the exploding use of QR code scanning (1400% increase) and we are finding that many of our customers are delighted with our product because they want to leverage social media to connect with their customer to supplement the in-store customer experience they have created to image their brand. KLIKT is prominently and deliberately linked to all social media mediums.
    It’s clear that the new paradigm in marketing and branding is to deliberately engage your customers in-store, out-of-store and in the social media through interactive dynamic applications. We’ve been in the business of multi-sensory branding for over 75 years. This year, with KLIKT, we launched our first ever social media tool for our clients and the intent is to link it to a MyMuzak Dashboard that will allow customers to monitor their in-store branding solutions, such as music on-hold, brand casting, digital signage, in-store music and messages while also reaching out to their customers through a powerful smart phone driven customer loyalty solution. The result: for many small and large businesses KLIKT not only leverages social media to touch their customers but also increases the business owner’s manager skill set in social media management while decreasing if not eliminating the costs of paper/plastic based customer loyalty systems.
    I applied your suggestions to KLIKT:
    1. Determine what the company values: KLIKT allows our customers that value customer loyalty and want to impact their customer in-store to extend the in-store experience at point of sale and reach an important demographic on their preferred communication medium.
    2. Measure it. We measure KLIKT in terms of pure increased sales but we need to definitely look into Radian6, Techrigy, and ScoutLabs and how they could help us help our clients.
    3. Show solid ROI. We feel KLIKT will offer reduced print advertising expenses and increase sales for our customers.
    4. Show comparables. KLIKT has competitors and we know what we do better.
    5. Get paid for your value. I feel confident that if we properly deliver what we promise, price it right and enhance it based upon customer feedback, we will get paid for our value.
    Now, some questions I have for you:
    • Is the market crowded with confusing apps that claim to deliver customer delight (some for free) and will that deter many from adopting new social media marketing tools?
    • Is social media capable of effective multi-sensory branding?

    1. Xavier,
      Thanks for your comment! And for putting these suggestions into practice and sharing it with me. I honestly believe that the value of social media to the organization is all about how well it is executed and it sounds like you are on the right path with your company. All the best with your approach and look forward to hearing more about your social media success!

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