The future ubiquity of social media + why it’s good for us

4 thoughts on “The future ubiquity of social media + why it’s good for us”

  1. Wow – that is eye opening 70% with PC but 90% on MySpace. Can’t remember who said it but there is an interesting statement: “Innovation is only innovation for those who didn’t grow up with it”. Social Media is growing at unparalleled rate of approximately 2-5 Million new entries per month. That means it either takes 10-15 years to get to 100% coverage – OR – what is actually happening the growth is accelerating.

  2. The actual stat was 98%. Everyone but 2 hands in a class of 31 or so.

    Telephony and television was instinctive with the Boomer generation.

    The Internet was instinctive with Gen xers.

    Social media is instinctive with Gen Y’ers.

    Rural communities are in real conundrum because in many cases, they have not seen even their 1st generation of home Internet users.

    Paul Van Hoesen

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