Choose Wisely

2 thoughts on “Choose Wisely”

  1. Interesting article. I am finding in my early thirties that I am coming across many of the discoveries that you speak of. I believe one issue is that most of society categorizes aspects of their life in absolutes. In a business sense an employer may expect an employee to be all things to all people, when in reality they focus on harnessing the individuals strengths and compensating for their weakness through another aspect of the business. I believe that either personal or professional if individuals look at the positive rather than the negative they will view a whole new world.

  2. I loved your comparison of life issues to economic theory! My teenager is studying economics right now and has been noting of late the myriad ways his day-to-day mirrors many of the theories he’s learning. The kind of thinking you’ve outlined here should be mandatory instruction for teens. Too often caught up in the “now”, they end up suffering in the “later”. That said, I can think of quite a few adults who could benefit from such a paradigm shift, too!

    And yes, life is messy. The trick seems to be in knowing when to stop cleaning, and start embracing.

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